Fundamental Data pre-processing & mining

COR-e Genius - Data scraper

Simplify data aggregation

Data sources are multiplying, but recovering and exploiting them quickly becomes a real challenge (licenses, formats, updates, erroneous or missing data…). Genius is a data pre-processing service that collects, centralizes and verifies the quality of fundamental data for you before you import it for analysis. This allows you to aggregate all data, regardless of its origin or as if it came from a single, reliable and always available source.

We already have a set of essential fundamental data for traders at your disposal for a large number of countries in Europe.

The Genius service is available:
– directly via an FTP client, otherwise in https or via a few lines of Python code
– via our web interface if you wish to view the data before downloading it

Comprehensive Data pre-processing

FTP / Python

Find your catalogue of fundamental data, verified, updated in real time according to your sources, on a single FTP and always accessible.

Illustration of the Genius FTP / Python interface

User Interface

Data mining made easy

On a modern web interface (100% SaaS, nothing to install), visualize the evolution of fundamental data over a given period, save views for comparison and export the desired data.

Get more information about the product by watching the presentation

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