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Added value of artificial intelligence modelling for power traders

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Classical methodologies (Stack, Delta…) remain very efficient for historical actors who master them perfectly. However, they require a lot of manual calculations and an excellent quality in the source data that feeds it, which differs greatly from one country to another in Europe.

Trading also means making the right decisions faster than your competitors. We therefore offer an additional indicator for traders and analysts, even the most well-equipped. Our calculations are extremely fast and automated, with forecasts based 100% on modelling, via artificial intelligence, which we have developed.

Traditional models : Stack, Delta…
AI models : Machine Learning, Deep learning with neural networks…


Our short-term forecasts (D+1 to D+16)

Select the countries in which you trade, the weather models you trust most, depending on the context, and view all the COR-e AI based power market forecasts for the European Spot markets, all in one screen.

Powershots Alerts​

Your instant alerts, wherever you are

Stay informed wherever you are (in meetings, on the road…) and receive the information before anyone else. Our forecast calculations are ultra-fast and our alerts can be browsed in the blink of an eye, because we send only the essential information you have defined.

Choose whether you wish to receive them by e-mail, as notifications or in your company’s messaging system (Microsoft Teams, Slack…).

Powershots Recap

Your custom PDF reports

Imagine a report that can be customised to take a step back from historical or forecast data. Receive it in PDF format, by email, in our web interface or directly in your corporate messaging system (Microsoft Teams, Slack…).

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