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Genius is

  • Collect all your data in real time
  • Don't worry anymore about erros and format updates
  • Benefit from our forecasts: wind, solar, demand & prices
  • Explore and analyze in a dynamic interface
  • Export with one line of code or via FTP client

How Genius works

We aggregate, in real time, all the data that is useful for your analysis of the electricity markets in Europe.

We manage for you all the technical and administrative complexity that this entails: the different formats and their updates, the different time scales, refresh frequencies, missing or erroneous data…

Enrich your sources, no longer be limited by operational constraints, and focus on analysis and decision-making.

In addition to your data, we provide in Genius our own Day Ahead, Weak Ahead forecasts for 8 European countries (BE, FR, DE, IT, NL, ES, CH, UK).

We use the latest and most relevant “Machine Learning” mechanisms to date to predict the evolution of renewable production (wind, solar), demand and prices.

Accumulating data without giving oneself the opportunity to understand it would be of little use.

With Genius, we offer you a modern, easy-to-use web interface that allows you to explore your data directly, without having to download it, over the period of time that interests you. You can visually compare what you want, based on the data you have, to test your hypotheses and enrich your analysis.

Genius makes data accessible quickly and easily. Files are stored in well-structured directories and you’ll have no trouble finding them through your regular FTP client.

Other access methods are also possible. We use a nomenclature containing keywords (“tags”) so that you can retrieve files or folder contents instantly with one line of code.

Finally, Genius can be hosted at your convenience: at your home, as well as ours, on secure servers.

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