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We develop next generation decision support solutions for traders, analysts and all energy market professionals.

Data sources are multiplying in Europe. Their quality is uneven and their formats disparate. That’s why we have developed a data pre-processing service that collects, centralizes and verifies the quality of fundamental data for you before you import it for analysis. This allows you to aggregate all data, regardless of its origin or as if it came from a single, reliable and always available source.

In a context of high market volatility, we must decide quickly and make no mistakes. To the classic and proven methodologies (Stack, Delta…), we propose to add an additional indicator with forecasts that we have developed internally, based 100% on artificial intelligence. Their performance, already excellent, is constantly improving with our optimizations and the enrichment of historical data. If you’ve never tried automated forecasting, it’s probably time to get started.


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(*) example of the average delay between the reception of a weather forecast (all scenarios from EC & GFS, OP/ENS), and the publication of our updated forecasts.

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