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Rethinking user interface for traders

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Horizon is

  • A powerful interface that get’s you the information that you need - and quickly
  • Demand, supply, interconnected and forecast data on a single screen
  • Easy comparison of different elements - countries, data points or time ranges

Service SaaS / 100% Web
“Plug & Play” : no installation required

What makes Horizon unique

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Bringing together supply, demand and price forecasts on a single screen is a challenge we have met with Horizon.

It is now possible to view all the data needed for decision making without having to compare information from multiple screens or independent sources. This makes it very easy to compare countries, time periods and production types in order to convince yourself more easily and quickly of market trends and make better decisions.

Our forecasts cover the Spot market from 1 to 16 days (window covered by the weather forecast). We also display the data in raw format and let you export them in.csv.

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We use the most recent and relevant machine learning  algorithms to predict the evolution of market prices in an environment of high volatility.

Increasing renewable capacity, unexpected shut-down of a power plant, change in the behaviour of consumers: our models adapt with precision.

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We are directly connected to the two major weather forecast models:
EC (provided by ECMWF)
GFS (provided by NOAA)

We combine this with the most relevant consumption, production and interconnection data from a wide range of different European countries.

This rigorous selection of the best data, coupled with a database comprising several decades of history, ensures that we provide our Artificial Intelligence models with reliable and consistent information.

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