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Powershots are

  • Stay informed wherever you are: in meetings, on the move...
  • Stay one step ahead, our forecast calculations are ultra fast
  • Relax: we display only essential information in its purest format

Available on Slack, email and web

How Powershots works

Data visualization

We are directly connected to the two major weather forecasting models:

  • EC provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
  • GFS provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Their runs are refined, 4 times a day, for the following days, according to the table below.

At each run, our algorithms recalculate the impacts on prices and their components in a few seconds, for each of the OP (deterministic) or ENS (probabilistic) trajectories that make up the run. Powershots offers them instantly.

EC OPD+8D+3D+9D+3
EC ENSD+13D+3D+14D+3
GFS OPD+14D+15D+15D+15
GFS ENSD+14D+15D+15D+15

Data Scientists

We use the latest and most relevant “Machine Learning” mechanisms to date to predict price developments in the markets.

The advantages are numerous:

Performance is excellent and constantly improving as each day that passes allows us to anticipate the future even more accurately.

Calculations are updated in a few seconds and without effort.

Finally, unlike most conventional models, our algorithms are able to overcome missing data sources, compared to the millions of records taken into account.


You can leave your desk without fear of missing crucial weather information that would significantly affect prices.

We alert you on any terminal (computer, tablet or mobile), via our platform or the messaging service of your choice.

Powershot is also configurable, to receive what is relevant to you, when you want it.

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