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Powershots in the Slack application

Powershots are

  • Assess the impact of a weather run, immediately
  • Don’t waste time, our simplified display presents only the essentials
  • Our model accuracy inspires confidence

Available on Slack, email and web

In detail

The 2 main weather reports for Europe are provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF providing EC reports) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA providing GFS reports). These bulletins are refined 4 times a day, for the next few days (the number of days varies according to the table below). This is called a run.

A run is broken down into several forecasts that are released as they are calculated by the major weather centres.

The ensemble models (ENS), sometimes called probabilistic, are a set of possible trajectories. EC offers 51, GFS offers 21.
Deterministic models (DTMs) give only one possible trajectory, thus not varying any hypothesis on the initial state observed by the meteorological centres.

00h 06h 12h 18h
EC OP D+8 D+3 D+9 D+3
EC ENS D+13 D+3 D+14 D+3
GFS OP D+14 D+15 D+15 D+15
GFS ENS (Beta version) D+14 D+15 D+15 D+15
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Download an example of Powershots

Real-time alert flows for each forecast

Consolidation of the entire run

What makes Powershots unique

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We are directly connected to the two major weather forecast models :

  • EC (provided by ECMWF)
  • GFS (provided by NOAA)

We combine this with the most relevant consumption, production and interconnection data from a wide range of different European countries.

This rigorous selection of the best data, coupled with a database comprising several decades of history, ensures that we provide our Artificial Intelligence models with reliable and consistent information.

Drawing representing researchers in artificial intelligence

We use the most recent and relevant machine learning  algorithms to predict the evolution of market prices in an environment of high volatility.

Increasing renewable capacity, unexpected shut-down of a power plant, change in the behaviour of consumers: our models adapt with precision.

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Precision is useless without Olympic level processing speed. Thanks to the latest technology and our exceptional team of developers, we can deliver our forecasts in seconds: price,  renewables output, and consumption.

Data must be returned in a clear and explicit format for our customers, which is why we have opted for a very readable and refined ergonomics.

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You can finally leave your office and your multiple screens without fear of missing crucial weather information that would significantly change prices.

We alert you on any device (computer, tablet or mobile).

Powershot are available in web version (accessible from any internet browser, fixed or mobile), Slack or by email so that you can set up your alerts as you wish.

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Powershots Recap
Example on 30 September 2019, midnight run for EC OP (deterministic model)

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