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A suite of complementary solutions to help you tame the electricity market.

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Instant alerts

Timing is the key to trading, but staying alert behind your screens is not always possible. Gain more flexibility in the way you work, while staying one step ahead of the market.

Thanks to Powershots, you receive instantly and wherever you want the evolution of the forecast (wind, solar, demand and price) as soon as a new weather run is published. Indeed, our learning machine models are directly powered by EC and GFS data providers. They adapt their results in a few seconds, showing you the new values and variations wherever you want: on your workspace or on your mobile phone.



In a context of high market volatility, the quantity of information sources available to us is exploding. Gain speed and autonomy in your understanding of future market trends.

In Horizon you can access our SPOT price forecasts (from D+1 to D+16) for European countries, as well as its components: renewable production forecasts (wind/solar), hydroelectricity, temperature, consumption and plant availability. All this is based on the different weather forecast models you choose to follow for the next 16 days (EC / GFS, OP / ENS).

COR-e Analytics Platform - Menü - Horizon
COR-e Genius - Data scraper


Data access

Data sources are multiplying, but recovering and exploiting them quickly becomes a real challenge (licenses, formats, updates, erroneous or missing data…). Simplify your data access to focus on analysis & decisions.

Genius is a data scraper service that frees you from these constraints, centralizes and standardizes your data and updates it for you in real time. You can retrieve all the data, historical and forecast, needed to feed your models or your analysis in a clean and up-to-date .csv format, directly in an FTP or via a simple line of code.

For energy professionals

The COR-e suite is suitable for all energy professionals, regardless of their level of analytical expertise.

A suite of solutions to meet the needs of traders

For traders

  • Be one step ahead of the others when it comes to market information
  • Assess risk and opportunities based on more reliable data and forecasting
A suite of solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers

For industrials

  • Generate savings through better power market insights
  • Base your portfolio management decisions on statistically supported analytics
A suite of solutions to meet the needs of service companies

For service companies around electricity

  • To have an accessible and scalable management tool
  • Making the move to cutting-edge AI for advisory services and decision making

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