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Emeric - Founder

After 15 years trading commodities for various major players, including EDF Trading, JPM and Mercuria, Emeric decided to get actively involved in the data science revolution. Thanks to a smart, dynamic team that combines mathematical, financial and business skills he plans to bring AI to the energy markets.

Nicolas - Marketing & Sales

At Dell, Epsilon and Oracle, Nicolas has developed over nearly 15 years a specialized expertise in marketing and sales of SaaS solutions. Passionate about new technologies, and tempted by entrepreneurship since the beginning, he crossed the line in 2019 and joined COR-e. As in football, where he can play in all positions, Nicolas puts his agility and team spirit at the service of the company on a daily basis.

Francesca - Operations

Having heard about COR-e in the corridor of a coworking space, Francesca was intrigued by the idea of joining the innovative team. After completing her studies in Germany and three years work experience, Francesca decided to make her dream come true by living abroad and searching for a new adventure. She found it in being the project manager, database administrator & client advisor of the smart energy startup.

Thomas - Data science

Passionate about meteorology and data science, Thomas has found COR-e to be the ideal way not only to apply his knowledge by working on renewable energy models, but also to expand his skills by forecasting future prices. He keeps abreast of the latest artificial intelligence technologies and events in the world of energy.

Audrey - Data science

After studying meteorology Audrey turned to data science, especially machine learning. Within the company, Audrey is responsible for renewable energy models. Creating these models, and then continuously working on their performance is a vital part of the work we do to obtain the best possible results for price forecasting.

Léa - Design

After studying architecture and web development, Léa chose COR-e as the beneficiary of her web design skills. Self-taught and naturally curious, she continues to alternate her studies with her work at COR-e, where she is responsible for the graphic & ergonomic aspect of the dashboard and the overall visual identity of the startup.

Hind - Development

Hind left the sun of Morocco for the one of Toulon in early 2019. Passionate about yoga, dance and technology, she joined us with the mission to give even more life to data through new full-stack applications. Indeed, flexibility, fluidity and innovation are qualities that we appreciate in our solutions but also in our team.

Mathieu - Development

Thirsty for knowledge, Mathieu joined COR-e to learn as much as possible about computers. Very curious by nature, he is dedicated to being responsible for the rapid recovery and transformation of data to meet the team’s needs.

Our mission statement

Provide an avant-garde, accessible and customizable global solution based on the latest models of artificial intelligence.

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30 years old

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