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Power traders

Power Traders

Founded by Emeric de Vigan, former electricity trader with 15 years’ experience working for major financial and energy players, our solutions were naturally designed from the outset with real expertise in the field, coupled with numerous exchanges with a network of experts in search of innovations in the face of new data challenges. In addition to the very personal experience of the founder, we now have the feedback of an entire team who exchange daily with traders, analysts, brokers and experts. It is our customers and our community that enrich our business expertise today, and our ideas also are inspired by a very dynamic and constantly evolving sector.

Data scientists & meteorologists

1°C less in winter leads to over-consumption in Europe equivalent to the power of 4 nuclear power plants. Wind, photovoltaic or hydroelectric power generation responds to very specific meteorological problems…
The weather has such an impact on the supply and demand of electricity in the short term that it is essential to surround ourselves with experts who are not just mathematicians or financiers. Our data science team is made up of meteorologists. It is this dual expertise that allows us to better understand certain specific and essential signals and thus improve the performance of our predictive models and sub-models. With the increase in renewable energies in the European energy mix, this is an essential and structuring double expertise for the future.

Meteorologists and data scientists
Developers and designers

UX developers and designers

Information is the essence of trading. However, delivering it in disparate (or unusable) formats and allowing more than two clicks to be able to analyze information that is essential did not seem to help a sector that, on this very aspect, is often a few years behind in this respect. We therefore, we filled our team with developers and UX designers whose mission is to create interfaces that display the right data, as quickly as possible and according to our clients’ technical requirements. And, if we can make them visually attractive, our team will gladly take the risk!

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Analysis & markets
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Data science
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Marketing & sales
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Marketing & sales
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Data science
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Data science
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